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On November 12, 2013 an agreement was finalized that will allow with Sunrise Water Authority (SWA) and Clackamas River Water (CRW) to work together as an agency under the Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 190. Our newly formed ORS 190 organization, Clackamas Regional Water Supply (CRWS), will have a board of 6 commissioners representing both agency’s customers, with three from CRW territory and three from SWA territory.

Clackamas River Water was formed in 1995 when Clairmont Water District and Clackamas CRW FormationWater District merged. Both Clairmont and Clackamas Water were formed as the result of other water districts merging. While SWA and CRW are not merging; sharing resources and increasing efficiencies are not new ideas for water districts in the region.

CRW Formation

The new ORS 190 agency provides a number of benefits to customers or both CRW and SWA. These include:

Efficient Use of Our Water Treatment Plant

The CRW water treatment plant has certain set costs; whether producing 8 million gallons a day (MGD) or 20 MGD of water costs for things like salaries don’t change much. Under the agreement CRW will sell up to 10 MGD to SWA using the CRW plant more efficiently.

Equipment Sharing

CRW and SWA both own, maintain and occasionally rent the equipment necessary for the treatment and distribution of clean water. Under our new agreement, both entities can reduce costs by sharing equipment and maintenance, which could include anything from backhoes to accounting software.

Labor Sharing

Both agencies will be able to share labor costs by splitting the costs of needed services such as human resources, information technology, billing and engineering.

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