Notice of Upcoming Commissioning and Startup of the Hattan Road Pump Station

Clackamas River Water (CRW) is preparing for the startup and commissioning of our Hattan Road Pump Station. The Pump Station was planned and constructed as part of the Backbone Phase 1 projects, funded in 2016 to improve water transmission and storage to CRW's south service area. Major improvements including a new 20-inch transmission main, fire hydrants, service upgrades, and the pump station were constructed along Hattan Road this past year. These improvements will help us provide a more reliable, safe, and resilient water service to our customers. Located near the north end of Hattan Road, the Pump Station is estimated to be commissioned and started up during the week of December 2-6, 2019 (approximately 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day). As part of this process, customers located in portions of CRW's North and South Service Areas may experience the following:

  • Minor changes in water pressure and/or flow;
  • Minor noise near the pump station site associated with the operation of pumps and other equipment;
  • Temporary changes to taste, color, and/or odor of water.

While a change in taste, color or odor may be unpleasant it does not indicate that the water is unsafe. This can occur from changes in pipe flow and will only be temporary. If you experience these issues, avoid using hot water if possible. Run COLD water for 5-10 minutes to flush your private service line. If after a reasonable flush period your water does not return to normal, please feel free to contact us. Over the next several weeks, CRW will be performing targeted system flushing in your area to help minimize any such effects from pump station startup activities.

Notices have been mailed to customers residing in the potentially affected areas (please see the map below).

If you would like further information or have any questions, visit or contact us at 503-722-9220.


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