Reading Your Water Bill

The Basics

  1. Total Amount Due – this is the total owed on this account
  2. Due Date – pay by this date to avoid late fees
  3. How to Pay – several options to pay, call with questions

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More Detail

  • Account Number – Top right hand corner called “Utility Billing Number”. This is simply the unique identification number for the account specific.
  • Service Address – The service address is the location of the water meter.  This may be different than the billing address.
  • Monthly Water Usage – This graph shows the trend of water consumption over the last year.  On the horizontal axis the letters indicate the month a bill was sent.  Bills are sent on even months.
  • Current Water Charges – The bi-monthly base rate is a flat fee charged to every customer.  This charge is the same in every bill.  Fees for water usage is charged in blocks.  The first block is 0-4 units and is billed at the lowest rate and the second block is billed at a little higher rate and the third at the highest rate.  Therefore, the less water you use the less you pay per gallon.
  • Ways to Pay
    • Pay by check – mail checks to the address indicated on the lower right hand page of the first page.
    • Pay by phone – use a credit or debit card to pay over the phone at 503-722-9220 – NO Fees for paying over the phone
    • Pay online –

Quality Drinking Water

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