Water System Master Plan

The Water System Master Plan encompasses a 20-year planning horizon from 2019 through 2038. Analysis in this Plan is divided up into a ten (10) year short-term planning period from 2019 through 2028, and a ten (10) year long-term planning period from 2029 through 2038. These timeframes are estimates. Depending on the application process, project work, and available funding, the timing may change.

In accordance with Chapter 333-061 of the Oregon Administrative Rules, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requirements and considering all other jurisdictions within CRW, this Plan:

  • Considers past studies, reports, agreements, and other data concerning the water system.
  • Develops an inventory of CRW’s existing water system and infrastructure.
  • Develops demographic and demand analysis to project future demands within CRW’s service area.
  • Verifies that CRW’s policies and criteria, which the system will be evaluated with, comply with OHA standards.
  • Evaluates current and future water resources to identify water supply improvements and potential deficiencies.
  • Evaluates the existing distribution system using CRW’s updated hydraulic model and develop improvements for identified deficiencies.
  • Develops a Seismic Resilience Plan outlining recommended improvements for supply, pumping, storage, and the distribution system.
  • Develops a CIP outlining recommended system improvements.

Click below to view the Water System Master Plan for the CRW North and South Service Areas.

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