Backbone Projects

The Backbone Projects

CRW has recently completed Phase 1 of an infrastructure improvement plan, known as the “Backbone Projects”, which provides improved pumping, distribution, and storage of water from the CRW treatment plant to the 152nd Avenue Reservoir, and south across the Carver Bridge to the Redland pressure zone.

These improvements greatly enhance the provision of fire flows, system pumping efficiencies, and water quality; and connect the CRW treatment plant and northern distribution system to a portion of our south service area customers, which improves distribution and use of CRW’s available water production.

Preliminary planning and design started in Summer 2015, and the Phase 1 projects were completed by July 2020.

With Phase 1 completed, the District will be planning additional projects that will further expand our ability to serve customers in our south service area with many of the same benefits as provided by the Phase 1 projects.


Construction Schedule and Project Information

Phase 1 – 2016-2020

Butterfield Lane Transmission Main
Completed March 2017

Carver-Springwater Road Transmission Main
Completed June 2018

152nd Avenue Reservoir
Completed July 2020

Redland Reservoir #3
Completed Summer 2019

Highway 224 Intertie
Completed Summer 2019

Hattan Road Pump Station

Winter 2018- November 2019

Hattan Road Transmission Main

Additional Projects -TBD