Fish on the Run Irrigation Done

Unlike the last couple of years, this spring and early summer were unseasonably cool
and wet. Currently the future conditions for Clackamas County show that the County will
not be experiencing drought conditions this summer. Having said that, the rain has
stopped, temperatures have gone up and we all are watering outdoors.
For the 4th year, the CRWP are asking our customers to participate in our “Fish On the
Run, Irrigation Done!” annual summer watering campaign. This helps the Clackamas
River by reducing or shutting-off outdoor watering by the beginning of September for the
fall Coho and Chinook salmon migration.
Through this campaign we hope to provide you with the tools and resources you need
to make water use reductions in your yard and garden. By visiting the campaign page
on our website, you will find information on:
• CRWP Water Conservation Rebates
• Free Landscape Water Audits
• “Fish on the Run, Irrigation Done!” Pledge
• Listen to our Audio Tips by renowned storyteller Will Hornyak
• Check out our library of conservation articles and technical information
• Find out how to sign-up for the “Weekly Watering Number”
You can also find out more information about the salmon species who share the river,
as well as how our “Water Conservation Meter” works.
Whether you use a hose or have an underground watering system to water your yard
and garden, and care about protecting our river water for people and wildlife, here’s
your chance to be part of our annual “Fish On the Run, Irrigation Done!” campaign.
The more water we can conserve the easier this journey will be for these threatened
and endangered salmon species. For more information contact Christine Hollenbeck at
(503)723-3511 or via email