Watershed Management

The Clackamas River provides the region with a safe, dependable, and renewable water supply. Providing clean drinking water supplies at Clackamas River Water (CRW) requires us to understand the river and watershed. It is also important for those of us who depend on the river to be aware of its uses and role in the region. Management of the river must strike a balance among protecting the river as an ecosystem, maintaining legitimate community uses, and respecting the interests and property rights of those who own its shore lands.


Apart from the protection afforded by local, state and federal regulatory programs, and the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers program, the Clackamas River’s future as a community asset rests most squarely on the willingness of individuals and the towns along the river to be careful stewards of it. The Clackamas River Watershed can be simultaneously protected and utilized if landowners, town boards, recreationists, and the state and federal governments are well informed about its unique attributes and work to safeguard them. Mindful of this reality, Clackamas River Water works closely with state and government entities as a member of the Clackamas River Water Providers an alliance of the municipal water providers on the Clackamas River to fund and coordinate efforts regarding water resource planning and management. For more information on the Clackamas River Water Providers visit www.clackamasproviders.org.