Weekly Watering by the Numbers

Having a beautiful landscape and saving water in the summer doesn’t have to be a contradiction – you can have both, and it’s easier than you think! Whether you water with a hose, in-ground sprinkler system, or something in between, you can water efficiently outdoors with these three easy tips:

1. Measure how much water you’re using: take 15 minutes today to see how long it takes your sprinkler/hose to water an inch and you'll be set to water efficiently all summer long!

2. Sign up for the Weekly Watering Number: it’s free and will tell you how much to water each week based on weather in your zip code. Sign up to get it via text or email and start watering wise.

3. Learn more ways to save water outdoors: there are so many ways to save water outdoors during the hottest part of the year, and bonus, saving water will save money! Already done every tip on the list? Head indoors to save even more water.