Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Remember tap water? It’s the inexpensive product that comes out of our faucet. We use to clean our dishes, shower, flush the toilet, and water our lawns. Well it is also incredibly safe to drink, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. Yet, many people believe that bottled water is actually a safer, more convenient alternative. So, is bottled water really better than the water that comes out of your own tap? Let’s look at the facts. 10-Reasons-To-Drink-Tap

Tap water is monitored dozens of times daily by municipalities in every state for contaminates ranging from chemicals to microbes. In fact, the EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water has issued extensive regulations on the production, distribution and quality of public drinking water, including regulations on source water protection, operation of drinking water systems, contaminant levels, and reporting requirements. You can find information about the quality of your tap water in the annual Consumer Confidence report that your water provider is required to distribute yearly. CRW’s can be found by clicking here. Bottled water, on the other hand is regulated as a food by the FDA and not subject to the same regulations. About 60% of bottled water never crosses state lines potentially making it exempt from FDA oversight.

Did you know that 50% of bottled water is actually repackaged tap water? Both Aquafina and Dasani are sold for at least one dollar a bottle, even though they are nothing more than bottled tap water.

Need some more reasons to kick the bottle and drink the tap? It takes three bottles of water and one bottle of gasoline to produce one bottle of water, whereas tap water’s impact is nearly zero. It is estimated that 4 of 5 bottles of water never make it to the recycler, and wind up contaminating our water systems or in landfills.

Is bottled water more convenient than tap water? If you think about it, you have to go to the store to buy bottled water and bring it back with you. Almost all venues have a tap or water fountain where a person can easily obtain ap water. Fill up your reusable water bottle FOR FREE and enjoy.