Educational Resources

The Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) have a number of free water programs available to schools and teachers within the CRWP service area.

These programs include treatment plant tours, classroom presentations, assembly programs performed by local artist, videos and water curriculum that can be checked out, water education grants, and other water related resources.

All of these programs are offered at no cost to the schools, and some of the presentations include curriculum packets and promotional items, such as water bottles, shower timers, and brochures for students to share with their families.

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CRWP Water Education Mini Grants

CRWP has funding to offer our service area teachers mini-grants of up to $250 each year for water related projects. The mini-grants are intended to provide supplemental funding for water related projects. The grants may fund the entire project or be used to supplement a project. The funding can be used to buy materials for water related activities, for bussing for water related field trips, or to pay for water related training or courses for teachers or students. All teachers are eligible for the grants.

All projects should be specifically tied to water related issues including:

  • Drinking Water and Water Distribution
  • Water Conservation
  • The Properties of Water
  • The Water Cycles
  • Watersheds
  • Water Quality and Pollution
  • Sources of Water

As a condition of accepting a mini-grant the teacher requesting the grant will be required to schedule a classroom presentation with Clackamas River Water Providers and provide verification that the project or activity was completed. Assembly programs or use of videos do not qualify. This could include copies of invoices, a written summary of the project, photos or other documentation regarding completion of the project or activity.

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