Water Service Request

It is our goal at CRW to provide dependable, clean water for domestic, commercial, industrial, community, fire protection and other uses to all those within our District that request service and whom we can reasonably serve. If you are within the CRW District and would like to get a new water service or upgrade your existing service, please follow the Water Service Application Process detailed below.

If you would like more information about the service request process, or have general service-related questions, please call us at 503-722-9220 or send an email to servicerequests@crwater.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Water Service Application Process

To request a new service or change the size of an existing meter, you will need to:

  1. Download and complete forms WS-1: Water Service Information (example) and WS-2: Water Demand Worksheet (example). For those applying for multiple services, WS-1B may be completed in addition to the aforementioned forms. To complete these forms, you will need the following:
    • Applicant and billing information
    • Site address of the premises to be served (your property must have a street address assigned to it by the County)
    • Valid and active building or plumbing permit
    • Site plan depicting the proposed location of the meter with respect to the property lines/corners, driveway, buildings, other utilities (sanitary, gas, communications, etc.) as applicable to the premises. Examples of acceptable site plans can be found here.
  2. Email the completed forms to servicerequests@crwater.com.
  3. After receiving the completed forms, a New Services Coordinator will contact you to confirm and discuss site-specific service and fee information. The New Services Coordinator will use the information provided in forms WS-1, WS-1B, and WS-2 to fill out the Water Service Application (WS-3, example for reference) and return the application to the applicant for review and signature.
  4. After reviewing and signing the application, return the application with full payment to CRW. To submit the application and payment you may:
    • Email the completed application form to servicerequests@crwater.com. Once the application has been received and approved, you will be informed by email that you may pay the fees with a credit/debit card (no additional fee) by calling Customer Service at (503) 722-9220; OR
    • Send the completed application form and payment via mail to PO Box 2439, Clackamas, OR 97015; OR
    • Drop the completed application form and payment in the CRW “Drop Box” outside of the main office at 16770 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas, OR 97015.
  5. Once a completed Application and full payment have been received, the service installation will be scheduled by CRW staff. The time required to complete the work depends on the type of installation, County permitting restrictions, and CRW availability, but is typically within two weeks for a meter drop-in and up to seven weeks for a service installation. CRW staff will coordinate the timing of the installation with the applicant.
  6. If a deposit was received, a letter reconciling actual work costs and the amount owed/refunded will be issued after work has been completed. Due to delays in contracted work (e.g., paving), final costs may not be reconciled for several months after the service has been installed.

Water Services Charges, Deposits and Fees

Typically, the largest part of a water service expense is the System Development Charge (SDC). The SDC is a fixed charge based on meter size to equitably account for District expansion/improvement. SDCs are used to offset the cost of system improvements propagated by growth (in essence, SDCs represent “growth” paying for “growth”). Note that SDCs are updated yearly, and that there is no SDC for fire services. An SDC credit may be issued for existing meters being replaced or upsized.

New or upgraded services also require either a fixed “drop-in” fee for a service with an existing meter box and connection to the main, or a Time, Materials, and Overhead (TMO) deposit (typically $5000) if a complete service installation is required.

Current Fees and SDC rates can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: CRW is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the water service from the water main up to the meter tailpiece. The developer/customer is responsible for the installation, testing, and maintenance and associated costs of any private plumbing from the meter to premises. Private plumbing may include an approved backflow prevention device, if required by CRW per OAR 333-061-0070. For more information on CRW and customer responsibilities, please review CRW’s Rules and Regulations.