Get Your Free Indoor Home Water Audit Kit!

Winter is a good time to take a look at your indoor water use. The Clackamas River Water Providers has a new Indoor Home Water Audit Kit to help you figure out how much water you are using and where you can save the most water.

Conducting an audit is simple and may take an hour to complete. It will help you locate leaks so you can prioritize fixing them, and identify which fixtures may need to be upgraded to new low flow fixtures so you can start saving water and money.

Indoor Home Water Audit Kits Includes: 

Audit Kit Instructions – This brochure will guide you through the steps of how to conduct an indoor home water audit.

Flow Meter Bag –Use this bag to measure how much water your household fixtures (kitchen faucet, showerhead, bathroom faucet) use.

Drip Gauge – Use this to measure drips around your house. Even a seemingly small drip can waste a lot of water. This gauge will give you an idea just how much that might be.

Leak Detection Tablets – Use these tablets to see if your toilet has a leak.

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