Indoor Water Audit Kits

The Clackamas River Water Providers have a number of FREE conservation devices to help you save water at home.  To request any of the devices listed below, please order online or call 503-723-3511.

Performing an audit on your water use will help you understand where you can save the most water. This process is simple and may take an hour to complete. It will help you locate leaks, prioritize fixing them, and help you start saving money and water.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Audit Kit Instructions – This brochure will guide you through a home water audit, allowing you to find out where you’re using the most water and where savings can be achieved.
  • Flow Meter Bag – The audit kit will come in a flow meter bag.  Use the bag to measure how much water your household fixtures use – kitchen faucet, showerhead, bathroom faucet, etc.  Then, use the Audit Kit Instructions to calculate potential savings if you replaced your fixtures with low-flow devices.
  • Drip Gauge – Use this to measure drips around your house.  Even a seemingly small drip can waste a lot of water.  Learn more about fixing faucet or toilet leaks.
  • Leak Detection Tablets – Here’s a simple way to test your toilet for leaks.  Remove the toilet tank lid. Without flushing, place 2 dye tablets (or 10 drops of food coloring) in the toilet tank. Wait 10 minutes.  If color appears in the bowl, the toilet has a leak.