PSA- Forecasts of Below Normal Summer Stream Flows

PSAFor Immediate Release:

Most of the State of Oregon is experiencing moderate to severe drought. While the governor has formally declared drought in many Eastern and Southern Oregon counties, conditions in Clackamas County (and the Willamette Region) have not required a drought declaration. However, the region is currently impacted by moderate drought as we move into dry summer months.

Clackamas River Water’s water comes from the Clackamas River, which is replenished with snowfall and rainfall in Mt. Hood National forest. This year snowpack, which normally helps replenish our water supply as it melts in the summer, was at a record low. While our rainfall was enough to nearly fill the reservoirs in the upper watershed, the streamflow of the Clackamas River is predicted to be below normal this summer.

Given the current conditions we are working with all the water providers on the Clackamas River to ensure that we have plenty of water to serve our communities and maintain a healthy natural environment. With this in mind Clackamas River Water is encouraging its customers/residents/businesses to be good stewards and continue to use their water wisely and efficiently by implementing water saving methods in (and out) of their home. These voluntary water conservation measures in homes or businesses can help mitigate the effects of reduced river flow by keeping excess water where it belongs- in the river.

For helpful tips on how you can conserve water visit or call 503-722-9220.

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