September is National Preparedness Month

A recent New Yorker magazine article drew a lot of attention to the importance of being print-emergencieshappen-yellowprepared for ‘the Big One’ in the Pacific Northwest. But, if you’re like many people putting together an emergency kit is still on your to do list.

Fortunately, pulling together the needed supplies isn’t rocket science, and you’re probably more prepared than you think. Get started by checking out this helpful checklist. Then take stock of what you already have around the house and put it in an easy-to-carry container. Finally, add the remaining items to your shopping list and pick up an item or two each time you go to the store. Don’t forget to include drinking water!

Find out more about how you can prepare for emergencies at, then see how the Consortium and its water provider members are working together to ensure that water is there when you need it – even during an emergency.