Water Saving Tips for Kids

Clackamas River Water’s General Manager Lee Moore always says, “I learned to recycle by listening to my kids.” Most families know that kids can teach their parents how to do new things. And there are many great places on the web for kids to learn, play and explore about water conservation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.06.56 PMWater Use It Wisely’s web site is full of with games, tips and resources just for kids.  A few of the fun and interesting water-saving tips: # 15 if you accidentally drop an ice cube, put it in a house plant instead of tossing it in the sink.  Tip #133 when cleaning out fish tanks, give the nutrient-rich water to non-edible plants.

The EPA has a great site for kids (and parents)…

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.13.07 PM

A couple of my  favorites: in the summer, help water the lawn and flowers in the cool of early morning or late evening (to avoid wasting water due to evaporation).   Turn the water off while you brush your teeth, and remind other family member to do the same.

The Water Page has many water-saving tips and games for kids.  A few favorite tips: take showers instead of baths;  put several drops of food coloring into the water in the tank of your toilets. If you see the coloring seeping into the bowl, there’s a leak. Fixing it can save about 600 gallons of water each month!

These sites and more give great surfing options to educate and create great habits for the whole family.

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