Weekly Watering Guidelines

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weekly watering numbersWatering Guidelines  

There is no need to water established plants this week despite the warmer weather we’ve had. Generally speaking, the heavy rainfall over the next several days will keep soils moist.  That said, newer plantings, as well as those in pots or under shelter, may need supplemental watering.


The heat should peak Thursday, followed by cooler marine air through the coming weekend. Look for cooler temperatures and scattered showers developing later Saturday through early next week. Warmer temperatures (70’s-80’s) should reappear mid- to late next week.

Spring irrigation tips:

Spring is the time to start checking your sprinkler system for peak summer performance – one of the most important things you can do to keep your system operating efficiently. Here’s what to do now.

Whether newly planted or well established, lawns need considerable maintenance including proper soil preparation, aeration, fertilizing and mowing in order to be green and healthy. Find out more.And, spring is also a good time to add mulch or other soil amendments to your garden or landscape.

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