The work of the CRW Board

Elected Officials and staff from Clackamas River Water (CRW), Oregon City and Sunrise Water Authority reached an agreement that was mutually beneficial to the parties.  The agreement insures that CRW will not oppose any annexation by Oregon City and that Oregon City will reimburse CRW for lost infrastructure.  In reaching this agreement each of the agencies avoid extensive legal fees and court costs related to this issue.   The agreement provides for an Engineering Study to assist each agency in determining which areas the respective entities should serve.

RiverThe CRW Board, as well as other water providers, in the Clackamas basin have directed staff to seek an alternative water source in the event of an emergency.  Since the City of Portland’s water is drawn from the Bull Run Watershed, working with Portland would provide an alternative source if the Clackamas River was not usable during an emergency.

The Carver Bridge project is another project the CRW Board has directed staff to move up on our priority list in order to improve service to our ratepayers who live on the south side of the Clackamas River.  Given the size of the project, it will likely necessitate the issuance of bonds in the future. CRW Black and White  In preparation for the need to issue bonds, the Board has recently approved rate adjustments in order to be in a stable and solid financial position in the future.

To assist ratepayers who may require financial assistance in paying their water bill the Board is looking at various methods for assisting those customers.