World Water Week is Here!

August was National Water Quality Month, it’s time to transition to September with World Water Week! World Water Week, Aug. 31 – Sept. 5, is marked by an annual conference that brings attendees from all over the world to Stockholm to discuss issues surrounding the topic of water. The Stockholm International Water Institute organizes the event.

Over the next 30 years, food and energy demands are expected to increase dramatically, but the world will depend on the same finite and vulnerable water resources for sustaining life, economic growth and our environment as it does today. With that in mind, this year’s World Water Week theme is Energy and Water.  This week scientific, business, and civic communities will come together from all over the world to discuss how energy and water are developed and managed for the good of society and ecosystems – at local, national, regional and global levels – and avoid unintended consequences of non-holistic, narrow approaches.

A highlight of the conference is the awarding of the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize, given to people who’ve made “outstanding achievements in water-related activities”. The winners will be announced on September 4th. Check out for more information.

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