Meter Installation

Clackamas River Water encourages all customers planning on developing property within the district to contact us to review water service requirements which may include potential fire service.

As your water provider we work hard to provide a high quality, safe drinking water to our customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Water Meter blue with black water Pipe. Sanitary equipment.

Water Meter Installation Charges:

Charges applicable to your development will be contingent upon your site-specific service requirements.

System Development Charges:

The largest part of a water service expense is the System Development Charge (SDC). The SDC is a one-time fee to connect the proposed new use or increase-in-use for a property. New connections increase the demand for water and create a need for system upgrades. SDCs are used to offset the cost of system improvements, and can only be spent on new sources, increase in capacity, transmission mains, pumping stations and reservoirs. In essence, SDCs represent “growth” paying for “growth.”

  • SDC fees change each year. The SDC charge is based on the size of the meter that is installed and the amount of water consumed.
  • Please note that there are no SDC charges for a fire service.

To process your new service request, CRW requires the following:

  • Contact CRW’s New Services Coordinator, Betty Johnson, at (503) 723-2571 or to schedule a meeting.
  • Requested service and meter size.
  • Address of property to be served.
  • Legal description of the property (tract and lot number(s) or metes and bounds description).
  • Clackamas County Plumbing Permit Number.
  • Applicant’s current mailing address.
  • Applicant’s current phone number.
  • Engineered drawings are required for fire services, main extensions and water services that are 1-1/2-inch and larger. Drawings shall be completed and stamped by an Oregon Registered Professional Engineer.
  • Full payment including SDC and installation costs if applicable.


The time required to process a new service application and install the service normally takes 10-14 working days for small services. Large services may take up to 90 calendar days, depending on Clackamas County permitting conditions and requirements and the availability of CRW construction crews. Additional time should be allowed if water main installations are required. All charges must be paid in full prior to service and meter installations at a property address.

Customer responsibilities prior to installation:

  1. Stake the location if the service is not in a subdivision.
  2. Make the meter location accessible to CRW staff and equipment.
  3. Inform CRW immediately if you have changed your contact address or phone number.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the customer and/or applicant to install an approved backflow prevention device according to State and CRW specifications, if applicable, and the water service line from the meter box to the building.

If you have additional questions, or would like to initiate the new service application process, please contact CRW’s New Services Coordinator, Betty Johnson, at (503) 723-2571 or